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Have you been hurt by a defective product? You should consider filing a product liability claim against the product’s manufacturer. If you are a citizen of of Wilmington, DE or the surrounding areas, then you can take advantage of Delaware's Product Liability Laws. Bifferato Gentilotti LLC offers comprehensive legal assistance to clients who have suffered a product defect injury. You can go head-to-head with product manufacturers and corporations with confidence with our firm by your side leading the way. For more than 25 years, our firm’s top goal has always been to secure as much compensation for our clients as possible.

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Delaware Product Liability Law

Our product liability attorneys are familiar with a variety of defective product claims. If you were hurt by a product that you had a reasonable assumption has been safe for it’s intended use, chances are that we have seen a similar case before. We always approach each case with a fresh, personalized perspective. Our legal support is always individualized to each client.

Product liability cases can vary based on the product in question, such as:

  • Auto parts: A defective auto part can put a driver in severe danger. Tires, braking systems, and airbags – like the infamous Takata airbags – are often the center of product liability lawsuits.
  • Medical devices: A failure in a medical device can be catastrophic for the patient. Defective hip replacements, hernia meshes, IVC filters, and more have been in the news lately for various product failures.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs: Did you take a pharmaceutical drug or prescribed medicine, only for it to do more harm than good? This situation affects thousands of Americans each year. We can help you bring the fight to Big Pharma.
  • Infant products: In recent news, the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play sleeper has been linked to dozens of infant deaths, which has underlined the need for stricter safety regulations on infant products.

Three Types of Product Defects

A product can be defective in three distinct ways:

  • Design: A design defect cannot be avoided because it is intrinsic to the product’s design. Products that are defective by design should never have been made in the first place.
  • Manufacturing: A manufacturing defect is caused by a mistake that happens after the product is designed but before it is sold. Oftentimes, manufacturing defects only affect batches of a product, not necessarily all similar products.
  • Marketing: A marketing defect occurs when a consumer is not given correct information about a product. For example, important safety information is omitted from a product’s packaging, or no instructions are included in the box.

To start building your claim, we will want to know what happened to cause the product to become defective. Was it a design, manufacturing, or marketing error? Or was it a combination of mistakes that resulted in a defect that hurt you? We can use our investigative talents and network with various experts to get to the root of the product’s defect.

We’re Committed to Your Recovery

Our Wilmington product liability attorneys are committed to doing everything we can to maximize your financial recovery when you or your family is hurt by a defective product. Thanks to our long history of successful case results, local clients, law firms, and insurance companies alike recognize our name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Liability FAQs
  • Q:What is an example of product liability?

    A:An example of different types of product liability would be 1) A manufacturing defect that left out a crucial part to a vehicle’s steering system, causing an accident. 2) A defective design for a medical device that causes the device to damage internal organs. 3) A failure to warn that a medication can cause serious side effects.

  • Q:What are the most common types of product liability cases?

    A:The most common product liability cases involve auto parts, medical devices, children's toys and products, lawn equipment, medications, and home improvement tools.

  • Q:What are defenses to product liability in Delaware?

    A:The defendant in a product liability case can argue that the consumer’s misuse of the product caused an unforeseen injury. They can also respond in failure to warn cases that the risks of the product were common knowledge or obvious. Delaware also has a law called the “sealed container defense”. This law specifies that the seller is not liable if the product was acquired and sold in a sealed container, and the seller did not know about the defects, among other requirements.

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  • Brain Injury $4,500,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys secured a $4.5 million dollar settlement for a client who suffered brain injuries during the course of his employment as a result of a crane (boom lift) rollover accident.

  • Wrongful Death $3,225,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys resolved a wrongful death claim and obtained $3.225 Million Dollars for the family of a motorcycle rider that was struck by a commercial vehicle.

  • Wrongful Death $2,200,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys resolved a wrongful death claim for $2.2 million dollars.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident $1,600,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys settled a personal injury case for $1.6 Million Dollars. Our client was in a rear end accident. She suffered severe and permanent back injuries which required multiple surgeries and several years of medical treatment.

  • Auto Accident $1,450,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys settled an auto accident claim for $1.450 million dollars. Bifferato Gentilotti ’s client suffered serious and permanent injuries to her leg as a result of the auto accident.

  • Auto Accident $1,400,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys settled an auto accident claim for $1.4 million dollars. Bifferato Gentilotti’s client was injured when a trailer being pulled by a commercial vehicle detached from the vehicle and struck Bifferato Gentilotti’s client’s vehicle.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident $1,150,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys settled a personal injury claim for $1.150 Million Dollars. Our client suffered severe and permanent back injuries when she was struck from the rear in a multi-car accident on the highway. She underwent back surgery and will require future treatment for her injuries.

  • Auto Accident $995,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys settled an auto accident claim for $995,000. Bifferato Gentilotti’s client was a passenger on a motorcycle when it was struck by a commercial vehicle

  • Auto Accident $981,000

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys settled an auto accident claim for $981,000. Bifferato Gentilotti’s client suffered injuries that required surgery to her back and shoulder as a result of the accident.

  • Workers' Compensation $980,554

    Bifferato Gentilotti attorneys resolved a client’s personal injury and worker’s compensation claim for a total of $980,554.00.

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