How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

The Ultimate Checklist For Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Delaware

Finding the right lawyer for your case is a high-stakes, high-reward endeavor. As such, you’ll want to consider all criteria and hold every attorney to the highest standards. We have drawn advice from extremely reputable experts in order to provide you with honest, accurate information.

Our advice is drawn from:

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Make Sure Your Personal Injury Lawyer Meets These Qualifications

  • You feel comfortable around him/her.

Without this important trait, you won’t be able to fully explain all of the details you need to. Plus, this is just something that makes the process feel less difficult.

  • The lawyer has an area of expertise – personal injury.

Many lawyers do not specialize in any particular area. You’ll want someone highly experienced and knowledgeable about every type of personal injury case so that yours won’t leave them scratching their head.

  • The lawyer practices in your state.

Being located in Wilmington, Delaware, you may be tempted to expand your search into Pennsylvania or New Jersey due to how close they are. But you must make sure the law firm can practice in your state. (Bifferato Gentilotti, LLC serves both PA and DE.)

  • The reviews on their practice are excellent.

Check out any relevant reviews or testimonials. Not everyone will leave five stars when they have a great experience, but most reviews should be good.

  • The lawyer is offering free consultations.

If a firm is charging upfront fees, you have to wonder if it’s really pulling in that much of a profit otherwise. Most will not charge for a consultation.

  • The firm is experienced.

There are lots of experienced firms, and there’s no need to settle for anything less than that.

  • After a consultation, you feel like you understand your options.

There’s nothing worse after a consultation than someone leaving you more confused than when you came. Make a choice you can fully understand for the best results.

  • The lawyer is flexible.

A lawyer that is willing to steer the ship based on the change of the wind is a valuable asset. Sometimes you may want to change your mind along the way as the case goes on. Or sometimes, new details will emerge about the case as time goes on.

Where Bifferato Gentilotti, LLC Stands

We are a Wilmington, Delaware law firm that meets every single checkmark. If you would like to see for yourself how our lawyers can help you and make you feel understood and confident in your upcoming case, request a free consultation today.